Useful Links


This is just a short list of links to system dynamics resoruces available on the Web. Many of the Sites listed here contain a comprehensive set of links that will lead you to more system dynamics related information.



George P. Richardson
This is the home page of George Richardson. It contains some of his articles that can be downloaded along with outlines, assignments, and notes from the courses he teaches at the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy at the University at Albany.

Tom Fiddman's Home Page
Tom's home page contains models, information and useful links.

John Sterman
Home page of John Sterman. John has many of his papers available at this site along with information and links to management flight simulators developed by the MIT System Dynamics Group.



System Dynamics Society
The System Dynamics Society is an international, nonprofit organization devoted to encouraging the development and use of systems thinking and system dynamics around the world. With members in fifty-five countries, the Society provides a forum in which researchers, educators, consultants, and practitioners in the corporate and public sectors interact to introduce newcomers to the field, keep abreast of current developments, and build on each other's work

Pegasus Communication
Pegasus Communications, inc. carries books, tapes and videos that deal with systems thinking and organizational learning. They also carry reprints of the classic system dynamics books originally published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Sustainability Institute
The Sustainability Institute was founded in 1986 by the late Donella (Dana) Meadows to apply systems thinking and organizational learning to economic, environmental and social change. This site also contains the products of the work done by the Sustainability Institute along with games and models such as Fish Banks, Ltd.

Decision Dynamics, Inc.
This site contains a very good description of system dynamics written by Louis Alfeld.

Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy
The Nelson A. Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy provides educational preparation for academic and public service careers, to undertake research on significant public problems and issues, and to assist in the continuing professional development of government executives. Rockefeller College is comprised of the Departments of Political Science and Public Administration and Policy and has an enhanced interdisciplinary approach to its public policy mission. Rockefeller College offers courses in system dynamic modeling and students can specialize in decisions and policy sciences with a concentration in system dynamics.


System Dynamics Software

Attune Group, Inc.


isee Systems